About the Author

Tohnyonah is an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma native, and the author of:  Bending But Not Breaking. She was adopted at the early age of five.

Author: TohnyonahShe was adopted at the early age of five. A single mother of four beautiful and amazing children, and the grandmother of and exceptional granddaughter whom she loves very dearly.

Graduated from Fremont High School in Oakland, Ca in 1997.  She later enrolled in and graduated from Metro Technology Center in Oklahoma City as a Certified Medical Assistant in 2008.

Tohnyonah FamilyIn 2015 she found herself moving to Lewisville, TX where she now works as a Phlebotomist. Her love for Christ grows stronger each and every day as she goes through different experiences and obstacles through life which motivate her to write more about the greatness of God and his unconditional love for us.