Bending But Not Breaking

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Have you ever just sat and wondered where was God when all hell broke out in your life from a baby to a young adult? Did He fall asleep when the sexual predators came to destroy my innocent body, mind, and self-esteem? Did He take a lunch break when the beatings took place in the home that was supposed to be best for me, which turned out to be the death of me? The more I called on you the more it seemed as if you really didn’t exist. But my Great Aunt said you are with me, so where are you? This God must have taken a vacation when I was admitted into a Psychiatric ward where there were kids with way more issues than I had.

Becoming a sixteen-year-old mother can’t be part of his plan for me, there was enough going on in my life and to add insult to injury you gave me someone to be responsible for with no job or education. This can’t be the work of a God that doesn’t sleep or slumber. Bending but Not Breaking is the beginning of the Unfinished work that God is doing with me. Through all the Bending in my life I never broke.